Energy day without energy of citizens...

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The intention of the organizers was helpful, but people did not take the chance too much...

That is the way how to summarized wishes and a fact about the Energy day for public, which was organized in the form of local forum in Kněžice on 31st October afternoon by the team of the project 100 RES communities together with the municipality.

The forum, held in a brand new eco-centre in a renovated mill, had two main objectives. The first was discussion with the citizens of the five municipalities of the MAS Mezilesí about format and range of parameters for finalization of their joint Sustainable Energy Action Plan (joint SEAP). The second was an opportunity to provide residents of Kněžice, Záhornice, Chotěšovice, Chroustov and Sloveč with completely free consultations with an energy advisor about their possible plans for houses insulation and replacement of old solid fuel boilers for more efficient with low emission according compliant to future regulations.

In addition to free energy counselling, e.g. the current state New Green Savings program, which subsidizes citizens thermal insulation, replacement of boilers and solar water heating etc., also the baptism of renovated mill with drink and snack as well as presence of eco-caravan with cyclo-power station with cyclo-freshbar and exhibition Eco-trails should attract local action. Children from local primary schools took the advantage of pedalling enough energy to light bulb or mix an cocktail after their lunch but just a few people - expect the mayors - related with builders of eco-centre arrived on the forum.

Public forum, however, even more intimate filled given program responsibly. Mr. Karel Merhaut introduced the meaning and status of the project and the creation of the joint SEAP. The director of PORSENNA Mr. Miroslav Šafařík commented comprehensively the current calculations of the Basic Emission Inventory according to the baseline year 2005, result in emission reductions calculated for the control of the cross-sectional year 2012 and possible variants of additional investments and their impact on the percentage reduction of emissions. It was showed that the greatest reduction potential consist in replacement of old boilers for energy efficient ones. In addition a new law will force citizens to exchange them till 2016. It can also be assumed that incentives and subsidies at the regional level will be created for this purpose. It turned out that the mayors are generally not able to estimate how many people will decide to exchange their boilers or provide house insulation. The discussion thus identified an urgent need to find out (by questionnaire survey among citizens) by the end of this year to win a clear assignment for Porsenna recalculation of the join SEAP in January.

There was also a thought to increase the motivation of citizens to fill out questionnaires thanks to the lottery about Christmas prices. Time will tell whether the final draft SEAP and specific steps for its implementation will still require discussion in the wider forum of citizens than this one.

Author: Karel Merhaut

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