PEPS-Lux municipalities meet in Attert

PEPS-Lux municipalities meet in Attert
Publikoval(-a) Frédéric Praillet dne 03.02.2015

Last January 28th, political representatives and technicians from 14  PEPS-Lux municipalities met in Attert for an update on the status of the dynamics of energy transition in their territory, to share their best practices, discuss their adhesion to the Covenant of Mayors and to discover transversal projects implemented in the province. 

In total, more than 30 people gathered with the aim of further strengthening their participation in the PEPS-Lux dynamics.

Inspiring good practices...

Among the best practices presented, people got very inspired by energy renovation programs lead on municipal buildings in Daverdisse, Martelange, Neufchâteau, Holy Light, Tellin, Vielsalm and Wellin.

Vielsalm: la rénovation de la piscine a permi de diviser sa facture énergétique par 2
Maison de village de Martelange: extension et optimisation


For their part, the municipalities of Meix-devant-Virton and Tintigny and can inspire  through the work done by the association Gaume Energy Cooperative to carry out energy saving projects and renewable energy production.

la coopérative Gaume Energie

The municipalities of Tenneville and Hotton have for their part concentrated on installing central wood heating systems with heating network.

In Habay the establishment of an Advisory Council for Energy attracted attention.

Note also the ambitious coaching program in schools run by the Energy Advisor of the Municipality of Tenneville notably through the School Contest Zero Watt, and the hard work put in place by the Municipality of Houffalize for the implementation of a tool for monitoring energy consumption of municipal buildings.

The Covenant of Mayors... a tool to go further!

The Covenant of Mayors is recognized by all as a great tool to mobilize local elected officials, citizens and socio-economic actors. But its proper use requires in particular that it is adapted to the local reality. It is for this reason that the PEPS-Lux took part of the TEPOS network himself member of the European network RURENER which mainly aims at including rural municipalities to the Covenant of Mayors. At this meeting, it was offered to partner municipalities to comment on the opinion published here and to take a common position.

Transversal projects to structure the territorial dynamic

Through an approach extending across the provincial territory, the PEPS-Lux steering committee intends both to support and organize local actions for stakeholders mobilization and for the implementation of large projects. Thus, the projects currently underway at the provincial level consists of the implementation of a Citizen Climate Parliament which will aim at promoting the appropriation of energy transition by local citizens and the campaign "A coach for my roof" that allows to local citizens to benefit from individualized support for the insulation of the roof of their home.

In addition, the involvement of the surpa-local agency IDELUX to this steering committee will structure the entire provincial dynamic around major projects for renewable energy at a territorial dimension.


Despite the magnitude of the task to achieve the ambitious GHG reduction targets ambitious municipalities approved by adhering to PEPS-Lux, they now know that they can count on a proactive provincial dynamic and often underestimated local resources . The future seems to be very bright ... with positive energy!