Wildpoldsried: "It’s our responsibility"

Published by Pia Buschmann on

In its Climate Protection Mission Statement titled “It’s our responsibility” the village Wildpoldsried (2.563 inhabitants) has decided unanimously in the city council to generate more renewable energy than is currently consumed and to reduce more CO2 than is being emitted, by the year 2020.

In 2009, more than 300% of the entire electricity demand has been produced by a mix of wind, PV, biogas, and hydro power plants. In addition, one biomass heating plant already covered the entire heat demand of public buildings, and approximately 40% of private buildings. Therewith, the village has demonstrated convincingly that it is possible to switch its energy supply to a large extent to RES within an impressive time span of 10 years. For its commitments and achievements in the realm of climate protection the village has been given several prizes, among others the German Solarprize and the title Climate Protection Community (assigned by DUH - German Environmental Relief). The successful implementation of projects like the local heating network, solar-collective buying, pump replacement actions, free energy consultations and energy cooperatives has been driven by a strong participation of local actors and citizens. The ecological and participatory concept of Wildpoldsried has not only attracted many national and international visitor groups, but also various innovative businesses that support the energy visions of the village as well as the regional economic circulation.