Jindřichovice pod Smrkem: with RES mix towards energy self-sufficiency

Wind power plant
Published by Tana Dutkevicova on 19/06/2014

The Czech nominee for the RES Champions League 2014 in the general division.

The village on the polish boarder with 624 inhabitants had as the first one in the CR a strategy about energy self-sufficiency based on RES – in 2000 already! Petr Pávek (previous mayor) was an engine of all happening.

Prejudice in favour of RES has brought the village wind power plant (2x 600 kW), photovoltaics (131 kW), biomass heating plant for five public buildings (350 kW), 34 m2 of solar thermal installations. The village is trying to open for prospective newcomers who are looking for a clean environment, enough of living space and an alternative to the existing hastily city life. The village built for them eight low-energy houses with heat pumps (58 kW). On top of that we can add the Environmental Information Centre at the foot of the wind plant, which offers guided tours for individuals and groups, incl. special programs for schools.

The village has have a municipal found for private RES installations (combination of loan and subsidy) for last 10 years – it pays off around CZK 100 000 per year...

Jindřichovice has not a big chance in the competition of European cities and towns (especially those from Austria and Germany, which already stands at the threshold of energy self-sufficiency). However, let us wait until June 25th, when the official results will be announced at the ceremony in Brussels.

P.S. (26.6.2014)

The village did not qualify for the podium in a strong European competition, but it will not leave its path towards energy self-sufficiency.

Author: Karel Merhaut, Táňa Dutkevičová

Photo: village archive