Workshop full of numbers

The future Infocentre in the former mill / PHOTO: T. Dutkevičová
Published by Tana Dutkevicova on 2013. 06. 27.

It was on 18th June in early evening, when a freshly reconstructed hall of a mill in Kněžice hosted a broader team of the Czech project "100%-RES-communities" for the first time.

Four of the five mayors of the MAS Mezilesí (Local Action Group Mezilesí) involved in it do not lead their communities as professionals, but in-career. So after work only could they arrive at an operational technical workshop whose goals were two ...

First it was necessary to deliver and specify definitive input data for base emission inventory, sought in all municipalities for the year 2004 (starting year of the SEAP) to power engineering specialist of AF - CITYPLAN. Second participants had to fine-tune a plan of Austrian partners visit, which was on the program two days after.

So the evening, with discussions in plenary and separately always in the duo mayor - power engineer specialist, took place entirely in the spirit of discussion of all kinds of numbers. Kilowatts consumed in municipal buildings and local companies, rate paid for electricity and heat at the same place, estimates of CO2 kilograms from local traffic, and another story - hours and minutes of the meetings and excursions with consultants from climate region WK ... and in addition to it still planning data of other project items.

The workshop fulfilled the purpose. Contact "face-to-face-meeting" with Austrian advisers then ran efficiently and a starting emission balance is finished. The mill as a future information centre about local self-sufficiency can prepare for the first real public event - a participatory forum (or energetic day) on 31st October!

Author: Karel Merhaut

Photo: Táňa Dutkevičová

Interior of the future infocentre