The first technical workshop was finished by a signature of the CoM

Mr. Tomáš Peřina, mayor of Chotěšice, is signing the CoM
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Five villages of the MAS Mezilesí region have signed the CoM

After long negotiation and assessment of possibilities, both by representatives of the Czech partner of the "100%-RES-communities" project and from potential candidates for elaboration of the first model joint Sustainable Energy Action Plan (SEAP) of several small rural municipalities, was in the autumn finally selected region around Kněžice in Nymburk region, respectively 5 municipalities of MAS Mezilesí (Local Action Group Mezilesí) - Kněžice, Chotěšice, Záhornice, Chroustov and Sloveč.

So the first project technical workshop could take place on 10th December in Kněžice. It was attended by representatives of the project holder AF-CityPlan company, subcontractor representatives and of course mayors of selected villages, to whom were presented all project activities in detail. Power energy specialist Mr. Dan Bubenko then explained a subject-matter and a collection process of basic data on production and consumption in these villages from which they must draw the Basic Emission Inventory (i.e. the conversion of data on CO2 emissions), forming the baseline for SEAP elaboration.

The workshop was finished with the signing of the Covenant of Mayors by the mayor of each municipality.

Author: Táňa Dutkevičová