Pays de l'Albigeois et Bastides (South West France) : a collective commitment to sustainable energy and to the French TEPOS network

Published by Isabelle Meiffren on 20.02.2014

After some back and forth with the office of the European Covenant of Mayors, the terms of accession of Pays de l'Albigeois et des Bastides have been approved by the Office of Pays Albigeois et Bastides, February 18th  2014.

The Pays de l'Albigeois et des Bastides is the first "pays" of the hexagon to join the Convention of Mayors. In other words, the governance of this vast territory which has 57 000 habitants in 5 communities of communes  is recognized as a single coherent entity, with ability to achieve a collective commitment to CO2 reduction of at least 20% by 2020.

In line with this membership as "group of signatories," the " pays" must now develop an action plan to be submitted for approval to the European Convention of Mayors in a few months. Both updating and renovating of the first Territorial Energy Climate Plan implemented in a completely voluntary way for the period 2011-2014, this program will bring together actions of a territorial scope and more specific actions, relating to each community of communes, and according to its own potential.

It will obviously be co-built with and for communities of communes, each engaging by deliberation in the implementation of this action plan.

And because one decision often prepares another, the " pays" decided to rejoin the dynamic of Territories of Positive energy. Tepos is the French network for the exchange of good practices between communities and territories linked by the same goal: to reduce its energy requirements to be able to cover its own needs with renewable energy or to provide, in a stable manner and step by step, to other territories.