Be visible at European level, get the 100% RES Communities label!

Published by Pia Buschmann on 04.05.2014

The 100% RES Communities label is launched! Pionneer communities can now value their efforts and highlight their engagement towards 100% RES in a very simple (and time effective) way.

A European label

The 100% RES Communities label identifies and recognises communities that:

  • aim at reaching 100% RES supply (an official political goal statement exists).
  • are capable to reach 100% RES supply (a rough potential analysis on renewables and energy savings has been done).
  • apply a regional development approach to the energy transition (measures aim at maximising regional value creation).

Key benefits for a community?

The "100% RES Community" label allows a community to:

  • Know oneself: the evaluation process allows identifying the strengths of a community and where it can still improve;
  • Make oneself known: the label is a recognition of the communities’ work on the energy transition. It gives an opportunity to communicate on it and integrate the label in its attractiveness' strategy (« territorial branding »);
  • Know each other: the display of all 100% RES communities on one map at European level allows them to identify each other, understand the nature of their respective dynamics, then get motivated to participate in exchanges of experiences facilitated by networking activities proposed at different levels;
  • Get considered: the ambitious commitment of an increasing number of rural communities consolidates the collective credibility of 100% RES communities and gives weight to their common positions in favour of the energy transition.
  • Gather energies: containing a common concept and vision the label integrates diverse interest groups under one mission statement : reach 100% RES supply. Thereby, it creates trust among the stakeholders and bundles the efforts onsite.

How to get it?

The process is free, simple and time effective. The community fills an auto evaluation form and submits it to the national coordinators of the 100% RES Communities' movement. 

Depending on your country, supplementary conditions may be applied. Contact your national coordinators for more info.