RES Champions League is followed by a new project ‘100%-RES-communities’

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Published by Anonymous User on 01.07.2012

On the threshold of autumn 2011 finished the project ‘RES Champions League’, which is followed by a new project, called ‘Towards 100% RES rural communities’, from April this year. It focuses on preparation and implementation of Sustainable Energy Action Plans (SEAP) in the selected regions and countries, extension of the signatories of the Convenant of Mayors as well as RURENER participants. SEAP should help new, particularly small rural communities or micro-regions, to a reduction in CO2 emissions by more than 20% by 2020 and bring them firmly on the path towards 100% use of RES or energy autonomy.




Ten European countries participate in the project coordinated by the French company CLER again. Czech activities are coordinated by CityPlan in cooperation with the League of Ecological Alternatives (LEA), the BioCIT Agency, the Association for Rural Renewal of the Zlín Region, Institute Veronica from Brno and municipalities Hostětín and Kněžice. The project should contribute, through a comprehensive exchange of experience among countries more or less advanced in RES exploitation, to an increase in public awareness, in particular representatives of municipalities, about many European rural communities or regions that have already fully supplied their energy needs with RES utilization. Austria has been selected as a twinning partner country of the Czech Republic, who should we gain experience in particular from. Fount of inspiration to us would be especially its Lower Austrian model Waldviertler Kernland energy region, which villages have already worked out a common energy concept and expect that creation of a joint SEAP from it will be not such a hard work now...

The context of the new project as well as examples of European municipalities, where the use of renewable energy is already at a high level, were further illuminated in a discussion carried out in the environmental magazine ‘Centaury’ at radio station ‘Czech Radio 6’ on 22nd May. You can listen to it HERE.


Let us add that in the frame of this new project continues, under more budget-wise conditions, the aforementioned RES Champions league, linked to national solar and biomass leagues. The LEA, after appreciation of all ‘green’ energy activities, nominated among European champions following Czech municipalities` this year: Rusava village, town Brumov-Bylnice and the city of Zlín. Only the city of Zlín has succeeded in the final shoot-off during the final assessment by the representatives of all participating countries. It will be awarded among the top three in the category of medium-sized cities during the ceremony in the Italian Parliament in Roma on 5th July. Its exact ranking as well as all the results of the 3rd year of the European RES Champions League will be published on this page afterwards.

K.Merhaut, June 28, 2012

 P.S.: Zlín city won the 3rd place in the division of medium cities.