Another meeting in Kněžice - a deeper dive into tasks

Project partners during the visit of the kindergarten in Prague-Slivenec

Project partners during the visit of the kindergarten in Prague-Slivenec

Published by Tana Dutkevicova on 19.05.2014

The small team of Czech and Austrian project representatives met together again on 15th May in eco-centre “Mlýn” in Kněžice. They discussed specific objectives of the joint SEAP, which five municipalities of MAS Mezilesí submitted to the Covenant of Mayors in March. The measures are derived from the calculation of basic obligation of this SEAP - to save at least 45% of CO2 emissions till 2020 compared to 2005.

The members of the Czech team including mayors have clarified that they have to ensure concrete actions in four major areas to accomplish the task: savings in municipal buildings, modernization of public lighting and above all - thermal insulation and replacement of unsuitable solid fuel boilers in family houses. These must be replaced by more ecological sources, whose emission values will already comply with the new Czech regulations for air protection.

Georg Carl Priesner, project leader from the Vienna headquarters of Klimabündnis, and Thomas Waldhans, energy commissioner of the model climate region Waldviertel Kernland, perceived carefully Czech reality and contexts of tasks. They added their opinion on the matter or Austrian experience, when it was meaningful.

Mayors during the workshop

During the separate section of the meeting - technical workshop - energy specialists, calculator and evaluation of alternatives played the main role. 

Another round of meeting discussion was then led about the steps that should be made to ensure a possibility of regular consultations among citizens and energy experts. Municipalities should focus on a way, how they could raise funds for eventual more frequent assistance of their own contractual advisor, e.g. one for a whole MAS. Just Thomas Waldhans drew near the Austrian practice and introduced the timeframe of his monthly work.

Czech and Austrian participants of the meeting

Then Austrian friends posted up the Czech team with the status of their work on the joint SEAP of thirteen municipalities of their model region. Its termination date is December this year.

The second day of the meeting was devoted to a tour around three exciting RES installations in Prague. Georg and Thomas could see over the kindergarten in passive standard in Prague-Slivenec, the photovoltaic installation on the roof of the building of the Ministry of Environment in Prague-Vršovice and finally the largest domestic installation of vacuum solar collectors on the roof of the hotel DUO in Prague-Prosek.

The fruitful working meeting was a harbinger of the next cooperation phase and a confirmation of good atmosphere of mutual sharing of experience and incentives.

Author: Karel Merhaut

Photo: Táňa Dutkevičová