Chances of paths towards 100 % renewable energy in boomerang mirror of the South Bohemian Region

Local conference in České Budějovice
Published by Tana Dutkevicova on 25. 11. 2013

Our team of the 100 % RES communities project repeatedly finds out that adversity of last two governments towards renewable energy sector raises rather boomerang effect by the number of regional movers. They are more eager for the European experience of municipalities pointing to cover energy needs with clean sources.

The conference "Energy self-sufficient villages – the opportunity for the local economy" organized by the local civil association CALLA in cooperation of company AF-CityPlan Prague and with the support of our project on 1st November in České Budějovice just confirmed it...

The 30 representatives of municipalities and civil associations heard out and discussed suggestions of seven reports. The initial one was historical-philosophical reflection on the role of self-sufficiency and energy in human history including the vision of expected importance of these phenomena in the near future conceived by ex-director of CITYPLAN and energy consultant Mr. Ivan Beneš. The following analysis of TOP- examples, especially Austrian and German municipalities and regions on the path to energy self-sufficiency (presented by Mr. Milan Smrž, Eurosolar CZ), impressed participants. The explanation of benefits of sporadically arising energy concepts in several South Bohemian villages and towns (presented by Mr. Zdeněk Krejčí, Energy Centre České Budějovice) featured local stone in the mosaic. The mayor of Kněžice village in Nymburk region Mr. Milan Kazda offered a deeper look at the project development of the only one de facto energy self-sufficient village in the Czech Republic. The most recent status of the project 100 % RES communities was offered by Mr. Karel Merhaut (representing Czech project team) just a day after the participative forum in Kněžice, conceived as an energetic day for the public. He explained the possibility of common Sustainable Energy Action Plan creation (joint SEAP) shared by several municipalities, which wish to sign the Covenant of Mayors (CoM), motivating municipalities to reduce CO2 emissions by at least 20 % to 2020 just with RES utilization. He noted that the Basic Emission Inventory (BEI) for five municipalities of the MAS Mezilesí (LAC) was just completed. The amount of real actions in the field of green energy is considering now. Municipalities must handle two chosen actions in one year after the joint SEAP finalization. Questionnaire action among citizens should revised the temporary estimation that, thanks to biogas power plant in Kněžice and some new investments in all five municipalities, it would be possible to reduce emissions of the micro-region by 50 %. The project actors want to find out, if inhabitants also mean to contribute to energy innovation (with thermal insulation of family houses or purchase of new more efficient and saving boilers).

At the end of the local conference acknowledged their participants the promise that after the completion of the very first joint SEAP in the Czech Republic and its verification by the CoM (about spring 2014) will be this strategic guidance material accessible to other small communities - and to the South Bohemia.

Papers from the conference including photos:

Author: Karel Merhaut

Photo: CALLA