The local conference in Litoměřice contributed to the “RES inspiration exhibition”

PV plant in Litoměřice

PV plant in Litoměřice

Published by Tana Dutkevicova on 29. 10. 2014

Especially thanks to personal and financial capacity towns are drivers of green energy in the Czech Republic. Notwithstanding representatives of villages aiming at covering of energy needs from RES and energy savings cannot be missed anywhere where this trend is discussed and used for specific measures acceleration. So it was in mid-October for two days in Litoměřice (northern Bohemia) during the conference and workshop “Energy for the 21st Century cities.

This forum with almost 100 participants was supported - among others - by our project “100% RES communities”. We offered our project info products (primarily the reference book of the best European towns and villages examples scoring in the RES Champions League during the last two years). They certainly enriched info databanks of all participating communities, small or big, which are driving at CO2 emissions decrease and energy efficiency rising.

It was no coincidence that just key lectures were from Litoměřice and Pilsen, thus from towns which were previously awarded in the Czech solar league as well as in the European RES Champions league. In addition to experience in clean energy enforcing in different municipalities the conference dealt also with current projects funding opportunities and investment from domestic and European sources.

A foundation of a technical platform Association of municipal energy managers was an important item of the agenda. It should intensify the info and experience exchange as well as consultancy to meaningful actions and tools for low-carbon policies in practice. However, new grouping, methodically protected by the Czech Covenant of Mayors office, aims mainly at shift of eco-energy activities in larger residential units, it is clear that from the supply of such "association heads" will be able to draw also active rural communities, which are dedicated to our project. Some will certainly get help in the phase of a joint SEAP development, others - as they should be, for example in "our" LAG Mezilesí around Kněžice - rather in the stage of necessary implementation of the steps set out in this SEAP.

Maybe we can immodestly expect even more. Namely, that after the establishment of the association will someone finally address the need for the establishment of a network in our country - preferably supported by the state - of similar energy well-researched "heads" designed to care for expansion of green kilowatts in small villages. Those that cannot afford their own energy…

Author, photo: Karel Merhaut