METTLACH (DE): Solar heating beats gas for the outdoor pool

METTLACH (DE): Solar heating beats gas for the outdoor pool
Published by Anonymous User on 01/02/2010

The Saarland municipality of Mettlach fundamentally overhauled the energy supply for its outdoor swimming pool in 2006. The Mettlachers have managed to reduce electricity consumption by 63 percent by installing a new pump controller to regulate the circulation pumps much more efficiently. The municipality also chose in favour of renewable energy.

To replace the natural gas-fired boiler that once heated the water for the pool and showers, they have installed an absorber system over an area of 1 900 square metres. 45 square metres of vacuum tube collectors now heat the shower and service water. The measures so far taken have helped reduce CO2 emissions by 145 tonnes a year compared to the pool’s previous power system.


The financial backing for these extensive measures came from two sources. While the pump controller installation was a contract operation, the collector system was funded entirely from the municipal budget. While stressing the protective effects for the climate, Mettlach mayor Judith Thieser also revealed how timely these measures were for saving the swimming pool’s existence. She put the annual energy cost savings at about 30 000 euros compared to the situation before the modification. This relieves the municipal budget of quite a substantial burden, thus saving the pool business from the axe.