Status of actions in Province of Luxembourg

Published by Frédéric Praillet on 07/04/2015

Within the PEPS-Lux territorial coordination approach lead by the Province of Luxembourg, the identification, selection and implementation of several first supra-local actions was a main target to focus on.

This was achieved through several workshops and a study tour organized within the 100% RES Communities project.  

Climate Parliament

The Climate Parliament is about creating a coherent long term framework for mobilising citizens and communicating on the SEAP campaigns. Citizens engaged in the Parliament will be proposed to give their views and proposals on seap actions, and invited to participate in structural campaign. The territorial added value is thus on the cultural, educational and mobilisation sides.

DIY eco-construction campaign

The Do It Yourself self-renovation campaign aims at self-renovating 200 private buildings through conference-training and on-site support for personal renovation in 14 communities. Citizens from all 14 LAs are invited to a conferences and training session on self-renovation. Those who wish to go further will receive personal on-site support during their renovation works. 

DOREMI: a framework for efficiently renovating private houses in mass

DOREMI allows to boost the efficient renovation of public houses on a big scale, in all 14 LAs engaged in the CoM. This will be achieved by creating groups of craftsman that can deliver low cost efficient renovations in the Province of Luxembourg.

The theoretical aim of DOREMI is to renovate 100 houses per year up to 2015 and then 600 after 2020, in order to help halve energy consumption in the valley. This operation will generate 150 jobs per annum and €1,260,000 p.a. in VAT, while reducing households’ exposure to the vagaries of the energy market. These aims need to be fine tuned throughout an IEE project 2014 proposal call.