Neighbours advice might sprout

One of several heating plants, visited by Czech group in the region WK / PHOTO: KM
Published by Tana Dutkevicova on 28/06/2013

Austrian partners of the "100%-RES-community" project cannot complain about a lack of opportunity to provide advice to their Czech "wards"...

They are used to transmission and discussing experiences and doubts from your region Waldviertel Kernland. Thirteen municipalities with a total of 13,500 inhabitants are heading for the Covenant of Mayors and had developed effective notes some time ago: a common energy policy. According to it the region wants to be totally energy self-sufficient by the year 2030 (today is from 40 %!) Meetings of Austrian "ambassadors" with the Czech team and mayors of MAS Mezilesí (Local Action Group Mezilesí) are especially about, how to work out such a concept.

Debates with excursions around the TOP-RES-projects took place twice in Austria last year (once with the LEA team members as forerunners, the second time with representatives of Kněžice village and municipalities of Zlín region); and twice in the Czech Republic (once at a local conference in Prague in June - for mayors and municipality representatives of Bohemia, the second time right after the conference in the region of Kněžice). Evening (night) marathon of information was followed by tour around the five project villages of MAS Mezilesí, where mayors showed to three partners "from Ottenbach" what all they wanted and could do in the interest of cleaner energy and its savings.

Experience and advice from Austrian project manager G. C. Priesner, the head of its climate-model region D. Holzer and Energy Advisor T. Waldhans were heard and written - into notebooks and memory as well. Lets believe that they are taking root in Kněžice region already and the whole series of exchanges emerge specific "fruits". Mainly in the form of an early completion of the SEAP and then in the form of finalisation of the first investment that document plans…

Author: Karel Merhaut