RURENER made traveling the representatives of rural areas ...

RURENER made traveling the representatives of rural areas ...
Published by Christelle Lefevre on 01/07/2014

From 25 to 27 June, members were invited to RURENER annual days in Brussels during the week of energy, and then in the Belgian province of Luxembourg.

RURENER members were able to testify in Brussels the necessity of their action to achieve EU energy objectives. Strategy in the field of wood energy, passive building or biogas, met a great success. This success was crowned when some of them received a prize at the ceremony of the RES champion league.

After this visit of the political heart of Europe, it was time to meet the actors on the field. After Brussels, mayors have visited the Belgian province of Luxembourg, where they received a warm welcome from the deputy Ms. Mahy. A comprehensive overview of the politics of this country to become 100% renewable energy has been exposed:

  • From the nineteenth century the inhabitants of this territory were operated renewable energy developing a hydroelectric plant.
  • Today the children of the province of Luxembourg are aware of the energy savings from a young age.
  • The adults retraining and job search are trained about ecological renovation of buildings with passive houses label.
  • Finally, the waste of Luxembourg territory are handled by a biogas plant

RURENER members traveled in Belgium but, above all, in Europe through exchanges between participants. Mr Galateanu Mayor of Odobesti in Romania, Mr. Waldhans in charge of the region Waldviertler heartland in Austria; M.Fablet Mayor of Le Gouret and Mr. Aignel Mayor of Saint Goueno in France. Mr. Ludjke Mayor of Alheim in Germany, Mr. Malatray director of Beaujolais Vert in France, Mr Luca Gadenz Mayor of Sagron in Italy, have permit to participants to discover many projects of territories. RURENER members made a tour of Europe this week.

Moreover, the presence of representatives of the RURENER national clubs of Belgium, Slovenia, Czech Republic, Germany, Austria, Italia, Belgium, Romania, Greece, France showed the increasing involvement of these groups in the network. Thanks to them RURENER today includes more than one thousands of territories.

But the journey is not over. Tomorrow are study tours, international working group goshawks themes of mobility and building and twinning preparing.

Next appointment is in Kassel, where RURENER was invited by the German national club at its annual event. Scotland and Cyprus were then already expressed their willingness to receive the network!