A global partnership for 100% Renewable Energy

A global partnership for 100% Renewable Energy

11th November, Kassel, Germany. Together with 18 other European communities and regions Dumfries & Galloway officially receive the 100%RES Communities-Label and a spot on the European 100%RES-Map.

Published by Pia Buschmann on 19/01/2015

Leading scientists from the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) emphasize that world leaders have to get emissions to zero to ensure that present and future generations can live in a habitable planet. Considering a number of pioneering local governments, islands and even nation states that have set ambitious political goals for 100% Renewable Energies (RE), we can observe that the urgently needed transition towards a society based on sustainable energy is already underway.

In order to bundle these seemingly scattered local actions and to give them political weight as common global 100% RE-movement, an alliance of international renewable energy organizations has initiated the political campaign Global 100% RE.

European countries take the lead in 100%RE – worldwide!

At the world’s biggest congress for 100% Renewable-Energy-Regions taking recently place in Kassel, Germany on 11th and 12th November 2014, the EU initiative “100% RES [Renewable Energy Sources] Communities” and Global 100% RE jointly convened renewable energy experts and local governments from more than 10 different countries to officially present their common endeavor: a European and global map on 100%RE best-practices. Among the guests were 100%RE communities and regions from Europe (Germany, Austria, France, Italy, Belgium, Romania, Czech Republic, Slovenia, and Scotland) as well as delegations from Japan, Belarus and the U.S.

Local governments that get a spot on these joint 100% RE-maps all share the fact of committing politically to transition their energy system towards a full renewable energy supply. While some candidates presented on the map have already reached or surpassed this goal, others are yet on the way to plan and implement the needed strategies and measures to get there. European Cities, and regions that earn the 100%RES Communities-Label benefit from the partnership between 100%RES Communities and Global 100%RE, as they automatically become visible both on a European-wide and world-wide map.

The secret of becoming 100% RE-successful

Experience from 100% RE best-practice examples shows that transitioning to a more sustainable energy system is not a question of technology or money. Rather, to make the idea of 100% RE something real, political will and setting a formal political target is key.

Global 100% RE and 100% RES Communities help spreading stories and experience from local governments across the world in order to share:

  • what has motivated them to set a 100% RE goal
  • where they stand in achieving a 100% RE supply
  • what challenges they face in this endeavor, and
  • what role citizens play in it.

You can watch below the new interviews with RE experts from East Hampton in the U.S., Šentrupert in Slovenia, le Mené in France, and Braslav in Belarus.


The European map of 100% RES Communities is updated regularly. Come back soon to discover new committed communities !