Pec's Exchange visit for Dumfries and Galloway

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Elected representative Councillor Ian Carruthers and Chris Wood-Gee Senior Dumfries and Galloway Officer accompanied by Simon McKinney from Community Energy Scotland travelled to the Transdanubian region of Hungary in the 3rd face to face mentoring exchange 10th March 2014.

Energiaklub Climate Policy Institute and Applied Communications organised the third technical workshop within the „Towards 100% RES communities” project in March 2014. Other partners at the event were the South Transdanubian Regional Development Agency,

On day one the Scottish guests were taken to land mark projects in Pecs.

pecs pannon power1

Firstly the Pannon Power biomass power station, converted from a former Russian coal fired station built 1961. The biomass plant has been converted. Straw burning fed via an automated feed system. Wood chip from lower grade timbers and reclaimed material. The third of the furnaces is a backup gas powered generator. System specification are 65mw primary burners with a back up 35mw generator. Heat from the processing is captured and it utilised as part of the municipalities district heating system supplying the city of Pecs.

The group were then taken to the local councils latest project – AD Bio-digester converting human waste into methane gas. The project when it comes on stream will make a significant inroads into the city total gas supply.

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The third technical workshop aimed at presenting the joint SEAP of the 16 Hungarian municipalities and discussing the possibilities of the implementation of the proposed actions. Further goals were to deepen the cooperation between the stakeholders of the two regions and to exchange experiences about best practice examples in the field of community RES investments.The Scottish delegation presented territorial planning and the progress of the projects in Dumfries and Galloway, as well as projects implemented and planned by the participating municipalities. The representatives of the experienced territory also provided consultancy for the members of local authorities taking part in the project


Participants of the workshop were representatives of the 16 Hungarian municipalities developing a joint SEAP within the project. These municipalities are all part of a LEADER Local Action Group (containing 46 local authorities) but only started to cooperate on energy issues in 2013. The workshop was held in Hosszúhetény, one of the communities taking part in the SEAP elaboration. The SEAP of these communities was developed by Energiaklub in strong cooperation with the officers of the LEADER LAG. The results of this common work were presented at the workshop. The local authorities do not content themselves with having a SEAP in their hands, they are determined to implement the planned measures. The LEADER LAG submitted an application for a grant in cooperation with Energiaklub. Their project aims at implementing one energy efficiency or RES investment in a public building of each community and organising trainings for municipality employees. The 16 planned investments were also presented at the workshop. Finally, participants were showed the Renewables in action within the town of Hosszúhetény.