Bucharest met the 100 RES communities project

Bucharest met the 100 RES communities project
Published by Liliana Topliceanu on 25/03/2015

Any achievement (in any type of project) may be lost, if it is not communicated properly to the interested communities. What has been obtained through efforts and work of a group of partners must be transmitted to as many people as possible. This is necessary in order for others to start from the already reached point, thus participating to a wonderful construction, beneficial for the whole society.

Considering the above, the team of Vasile Alecsandri University of Bacau has organized a presentation of the results of the project “100 RES Communities”, on March 19, 2015, in Bucharest. The participants were representatives of the Romanian universities and of the Agency for Energy Efficiency from Bucharest.

The reason for inviting such an audience is connected to what universities represent in their geographical zones: an influence factor, a progress factor, a promoter of new ideas and new roads to be followed.

Moreover, like Vasile Alecsandri University of Bacau has, other universities have tight, official connections with the local and regional public administrations and can influence their politics in a progressive way.

During the conference, a review of all the achievements of the project has been done. The project has reached its end and important changes have been done in the mentality and approach modalities of the energy policies. An issue that generated dialogue was the construction of the SEAP, when most of the participants required supplementary explanations. Everyone agreed that the BEI and the SEAP are two important achievements of the Romanian team.

The specialists in the field of energy, that were present in the meeting, have been interested in the concrete actions. The results of the feasibility study - regarding the replacement of the classic lightning systems with the more energy efficient LED systems - has also been discussed, as well as the photovoltaic panels already installed in the participating communities.

The conference closed with the conclusion that Vasile Alecsandri University of Bacau is really involved in the community problems and supports its sustainable development.