Dissemination of 100% RES Communities project results at Campulung

Dissemination of 100% RES Communities project results at Campulung
Published by Liliana Topliceanu on 21/03/2015

The actions developed in the 100% RES Communities project, to ensure the necessary energy for local communities from renewable energy sources echoed up in the north of Moldova.

Vasile Alecsandri Univesity of Bacau responded to the invitation of mr. Ovidiu Salvar to make a presentation of the actions held in Bacau communities.

In this sense, on 03/16/2015, in the town of Campulung held Towards 100% RES Communities meeting, attended by representatives of local governments and local business environment.

The presentation was focused on explaining the mechanism of inventory by category of energy consumption and the possibilities of reducing greenhouse gases by saving energy and by producing it from renewable sources.

They were presented the proposed actions to be implemented in Bacau communities and the means toidentification sources of funding for their implementation.

The meeting participants active in various areas - administration markets, mining, rural primary, energy, human medicine, seismology, forestry administration, administration of private companies - have attempted to identify, based on the presented model, the possibilities of achieving energy independence for community they come from.

The discussion was constructive, participants are obvious desire to be involved in this process as the exponents of local communities from which they come.