First actions listed in the joint SEAP implemented

Publié par Lilla Csanaky le 21/12/2014

The 16 municipalities of the Mecsek-Völgység-Hegyhát LEADER Local Action Group cooperating in the energy revolution of the territory show that strategic documents actually can trigger development. 

The joint Sustainable Eneryg Action Plan of the municipalities was elaborated by Energiaklub in 2014 in the framework of the Towards 100% Renewable Energy Communities project in close cooperation with the decision makers of the towns.

Energiaklub did not finish its work by completing the plan, its experts helped the group to find financing opportunities for their projects. Thanks to a grant, 16 energy efficiency and renewable energy investments were carried out in the municipalities. On the 18th of December 2014, the results of the project were presented at a technical workshop in Máza.

Experts from Energiaklub and the South Transdanubian region held presentations on the joint SEAP and its implementation, the energy projects finished in 2014, the financing possibilities for further projects and green public procurement which is a great tool for municipalities to carry out sound investments. The results of these 16 small municipalities are proof that strategic planning in the field of sustainable energy management really pays off even on short term.