Innovative renewable energy solutions: Bruck an der Leitha

A strong and successful partnership: Bruck an der Leitha & Energy Park Bruck
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Since the foundation of the Energy Park and the membership of Climate Alliance Austria in 1995 , the Austrian town Bruck/Leitha has been continuously implementing projects on renewable energy self-sufficiency. One of the key factors for this positive trend is the strong partnership between the town and the Energy Park Bruck, the latter being the leading promoter of renewable energy sources in Bruck/Leitha and the entire surrounding region.

So far, much has been achieved: the construction of a biomass district heating system and a windfarm consisting of five wind turbines (the first one to be constructed in Austria), as well as of a biogas plant featuring an innovative biogas purification plant and the launch of ecoduna, an internationally known algae production system.

This summer, photovoltaic panels will be installed on several town buildings. In Bruck/Leitha, even the refuse collection is solar-powered, including several solar-powered bins (compactors) launched a year ago that increase the refuse capacity through compaction.

In addition to these best practices, a number of e-mobility-projects and awareness raising measures targeted at the citizens of Bruck/Leitha and the surrounding region Römerland Carnuntum – which is a Climate and Energy Model Region run by the Energy Park Bruck – are being implemented.

Since 2005, the postgraduate MSc „Renewable Energy in CEE“ has been taking place annually in Bruck/Leitha, promoting long-term scientific research in the field of renewable energy sources.

The central pillars on which the success of Bruck/Leitha is built are: a strong political commitment to tread new paths, mutual trust and cooperation across the political spectrum and a visionary, as well as a realistic approach.

This success story is to be continued.