The RURENER has strengthened in Vísky

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Ideal forum to catch new potential members of our club of "bold municipalities", we said, and went to the Moravian village Vísky in Blanensko region at the and of May.

The local School of Rural Renewal and the Local Action Group "Rural Partnership" organized here regular meeting of the European Schools of Rural Renewal.

We were able to initiate closer a full hall of participants, including mayors of several EU countries, into a sense of start of a Czech RURENER club - club of communities, which boldly - despite of a climate of grudge against RES! widespread by the government - are interested in everything that could eventually strengthen their energy self-sufficiency while reducing emissions and thus improving air quality. Mr. Karel Merhaut explained objectives of the international network RURENER, work patterns and themes of planned meetings of the Czech club in the context of the project "100%-RES-communities". Mr. Milan Kazda, mayor of Kněžice, described former intentions, pitfalls of the way and today effects of his energy self-sufficient village. They produce today, thanks to the biogas power plant with cogeneration and biomass heating plant, almost all of the necessary heat and more electricity than they consume. Even more - the biogas plant swallows all waste water. So the group of people interested in the exchange of information in our club RURENER has grown for 33 at this forum. Some people started the debate here, HOW, WHAT and WHEN.

Since many people do not know today's reality in Kněžice, it sounded logically, that a next session should take place there. Maybe during an "Energy day" for a wide public in autumn, when they want to spread information about energy progress and joint SEAP elaboration...

Author: Karel Merhaut