Aborning fight for the 50 %?

Kněžice has been competing for the tittle "Village of the Year" every year
Published by Tana Dutkevicova on 2013. 10. 16.

It is here! A key moment, when a benefit calculation of particular energy arrangements, which are planned in SEAP, is starting now in our project in MAS Mezilesí region. It is about, WHAT KIND of investments and WHERE to choose or even more clearly: to WHAT KIND of actions bind themselves to...

What mayors of the five local municipalities agree the most? It is the need to replace old lighting for a modern and more efficient one, which definitely brings some percentage reduction. Second, from the most mayors weighed measure, is a progress in building insulation, municipal as well as family houses. A team of power engineering specialists, however, seems to be less optimistic about its effect in terms of reducing CO2 emissions. The true is, the insulation could be finance from the "New Green Savings" program, but energy advisers drawn attention to many pitfalls in rural buildings. They will explain them to citizens deeper during the local forum, which is scheduled on 31st October!
They would rather recommend more robust replacement of old coal stove by modern energy-saving boilers. First, the statutory deadline bear on it so people will have to get rid of old boilers in a few years, second inhabitants of the Central Bohemia region can expect soon a second wave of subsidy for this replacement.

First calculations and estimations of the percentage reduction till 2020 (prescribed year in the project) are revealing. It has been calculated already that since the base year 2005 till the year 2012, which was chosen as a cross-check year, thanks to biogas power plant with co-generation in Kněžice and other savings, the reduction of CO2 emissions for our five municipalities is by 37 % already! And if the region will be able to modernizate the lighting and get rid of heating with coal completely by 2020, these emissions would decrease, according to initial estimations, even over 50 %. So for the first time since the beginning of the project is there almost prophetic question: will be the final effect for seven years somewhere between these two numbers, or will get thanks to insulation and other energy modernization over the attractive number fifty?

The game about realistic setting of plans and parameters in MAS Mezilesí has started right now!

Author: Karel Merhaut