Draft SEAP: after the autopsy to municipal representatives

illustrative photo

illustrative photo

Published by Tana Dutkevicova on 2014. 02. 10.

 In February 2014 it came time to finish the joint Sustainable Energy Action Plan (joint SEAP) for five municipalities of MAS Mezilesí. Porsenna company submitted a proposal, which had to be discussed with the mayors (eventually put the accusation) and submit for approval by municipal boards.

That is why we have invited representatives of municipalities on so called participative forum organized on 6th February. Despite the small attendance discussions with mayors occurred - especially over a key point of the proposal: how many percents over the already filled 37 % of CO2 savings (achieved through the biogas power plant with CHP and the biomass heating plant in Kněžice) can municipalities afford to schedule as their common goal in joint SEAP. This goal fulfillment depends namely on the amount of coal boilers replaced by biomass boilers in other municipalities. Power energy specialists calculated that even to meet the limit of 45 % is necessary to modernize 176 boilers during the following seven years. So about five boilers on the average should be replaced annually in each village! It seems a little, but mayors are still afraid of the task .

The possible steps how to meet this goal were discussed than: the use of two subsidy programs, more intensive counselling campaign of townhalls, hiring of permanent energy consultant for citizens (for a part time job), at least symbolical financial incentive from municipalities for those upgrading boilers and asking simultaneously for governmental subsidy, energy accounting for municipal buildings, assuring of at least one exemplary boiler replacement in each municipality, agitation for pellet boilers (Energy centre in Kněžice produces pellets and can guarantee their non-increasing price in the long term), ...

And the result? Mayors finally agreed a commitment of 45 % CO2 savings for the final version of the joint SEAP. They parted with the task to convince all municipal representatives ... 


The joint-SEAP was approved by all five municipal councils and on 10th March 2014 successfully submitted to CoM.

Author, photo: Karel Merhaut