The meeting revealed: we do not know plans of citizens

Published by Tana Dutkevicova on 2013. 11. 21.

It is time to clarify “sheet of music” according to they will play! Such music, which helps to adjust a key parameter of the joint SEAP for villages of the MAS Mezilesí participating in our project 100% RES communities.

It was the aim of the 3rd technical meeting on which ten project representatives, its energy advisors from Porsenna company and villages representatives met together on 31st October in Tuchom in Nymburk region. During a common working lunch in the famous stylish restaurant of the bio-farm Košík and following discussion power engineering specialists tried to obtain more specific assignment from mayors of villages. Porsenna finished Baseline Emissions Inventory (BEI) related to the starting year 2005 as well as calculated also the situation of emission reduction to the cross-sectional year 2012 and presented briefly its results. Now the energy team needed a clearer specification for a final calculation of the joint SEAP according to, what a sum of investment and arrangements will villages with their inhabitants venture till the year 2020 on.

The debate ended with a date clarification, which this specification must be finished to, to be able to finalize the joint SEAP in January 2014. The term is the end of 2013. But the problem was that the mayors cannot at least estimate, how many houses in their villages will be thermal insulated or how many old coal boilers will be change for more efficient and more saving till 2020. According to energetics these two fields represent the biggest potential for the reduction of emissions. The most of villages plan to modernize public lightening with LED-diodes but this action presents just 1 % of emissions reduction.

From the technical meeting came out above all the need to get additional information from citizens through the fast questionnaire survey. So the meeting finished with an intention to suggest and discuss this operative step during the afternoon advisory energy day for public in Kněžice.

Author: Karel Merhaut