The Labouheyre Gymnasium with its photovoltaic roof (c) CC de la Haute Lande

The TEPOS mixed economy local company of Haute...

The Mixed Economy Local Company (SEML) "TEPOS de la Haute Lande", the fruit of a collaboration between territor...

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Good practices at the Technical University of Bucharest

Good practices at the Technical University of B...

Concerns about reducing greenhouse gas emissions through energy saving and renewable production should have ech...

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Tutti insieme è più semplice: il primo SEAP ungherse in collaborazione tra 16 Comuni nel sud del Danubio

Tutti insieme è più semplice: il primo SEAP ung...

L'obiettivo principale del progetto 100% RES Communities è quello di sviluppare SEAP (Piani di Azione per l'Ene...

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There is always a way to join the Covenant of Mayors!

There is always a way to join the Covenant of M...

To achieve the European Union objective for 2020 concerning the GHG reduction, a common effort of all the commu...

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Du solaire sur Abaux

1st crowdfunding campaign with LUMO for the loc...

SERGIES, one of the companies of the ÉNERGIES VIENNE Group, and the crowdfunding platform Lumo opened two prod...

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L'energia fotovoltaica nelle zone rurali della Romania

L'energia fotovoltaica nelle zone rurali della...

Ben esposte ai raggi solari, le comunità rurali situate nelle zone collinari e di campo possono utilizzare ques...

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Le comunità locali europee verso il 100% rinnovabile

Le comunità locali europee verso il 100% rinnov...

Pubblicate le linee guida "La strada verso il 100% rinnovabile a livello locale in Europa". Pragmatiche pratich...

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Bioenergy centre in Kněžice

We have infected LAG Mezilesí

Before a start of our project “100% RES communities” the Kněžice village was the only one lonely oasis of gree...

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SEAP comuni: due metodi a confronto

SEAP comuni: due metodi a confronto

Tra i principali obiettivi del progetto al 100% RES Communities troviamo la sperimentazione di piani di azione...

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Renewable energy road show in the South Transda...

Energiaklub Climate Policy Institute and Community Energy Scotland organised three face-to-face meetings in the...

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First actions listed in the joint SEAP implemented

The 16 municipalities of the Mecsek-Völgység-Hegyhát LEADER Local Action Group cooperating in the energy revolu...

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OÚ Chotěšice

SEAP LAG Mezilesí: a first hindsight

However, the joint SEAP development is one of key deliverables of the "100% RES communities" project it has not...

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100% RES Communities action delivers four key services to rural communities: quantification, networking, methodological support, recognition

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Approved environmental association, the CLER is a professional network promoting renewable energies and energy saving since 1984. It brings together 300 members (among them associations, companies, local governments, federations of municipalities, education institutes) and represents more than 10 000 citizens and 5 000 employees throughout the French national territory.CLER, network for the energy transition

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