The energy cycle system of Mureck

The energy cycle system of Mureck
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In order to supply the municipality Mureck with energy produced from renewable sources, the Energy and Proteine Production Co-operative SEEG and the local energy providers Nahwärme Mureck GmbH, Ökostrom and SEBA run a biodiesel plant, a biomass district heating system, a biogas plant and a photovoltaic plant involving citzens.

Rapeseed processing – „From the field into the tank“ and used cooking oil processing – „From the pan into the tank“

The SEEG makes biodiesel from rapeseed produced by about 500 regional farmes, as well as from cooking oil that has been used by private households and restaurants.   

Biomass district heating system Nahwärme Mureck GmbH – „From the forest into the living room“

About 95% of Mureck’s total heat demand is covered by a 2-MW biomass heat boiler, waste heat from electricity generation and a 2-MW biogas peak load boiler.

Biogas – „Comprehensive energy supply of the Mureck region“

The biogas eco-electricity plant generating per year 8,000 MWh of electricity as well as of heat, uses  manure, renewable resources and by-products from biodiesel production.

SEBA – citizen photovoltaic plant „Getting about by solar power“

A 2,500 kWp citizen photovoltaic plant consisting of an open area, roofing and a climate-friendly energy-generating glasshouse, where organic vegetables are grown, ensures the future electricity supply for the municipality‘s transport services.

Through solar power generation and intense use of other renewable resources Mureck achieves a reduction of about 60,000 t of CO2 and 20,000 t of crude oil per year.

Mureck‘s energy cycle system is a sustainable energy project that received three awards – the World Energy Globe, the European Solar Prize and the Austrian Solar Prize. Since 1998 Mureck has been a member of the Climate Alliance Austria and in 2007 it was named the most innovative Austrian municipality.