Brainstorming on the provincial support service to engaged municipalities in Belgium

Brainstorming on the provincial support service to engaged municipalities in Belgium
Published by Jade Charouk on 15/03/2013

What should the support service offered by a province to its municipalities action be composed of? 

That is what the representative for the province of Luxembourg, Thérèse Mathy, supported by Innergies within the scope of the European Project “100% RES Communities”, was willing to define during this second project meeting.

The province wishes to set up a concrete help service for municipalities willing to sign the Covenant of Mayors. “This clearly indicates how committed to becoming a Territorial Coordinator under the Covenant of Mayors the province really is, stresses Stéphane Hartman, head of the Sustainable Development Cell. Moreover, as a partner of the 100% RES Communities Project, we are responsible for supporting the establishment of a joined plan of action. Therefore, we must meet the expectations because we will coordinate the engagement of 13 municipalities Campaign within the Convenants of Mayors. These municipalities expect a support service of good quality”.

What are the obligations of the municipalities engaged in the Covenant of Mayors?

The aim of every signatory municipality to the Covenant of Mayors is to equal, or even to exceed the European targets for a massive reduction of greenhouse gas emissions, namely a 20% cutback by 2020.
To this end, the signatories agree to establish a sustainable energy plan of action paired with a CO2/Energy inventory. The inventory will be used to quantify the starting situation on a territorial level on the one hand (what are the sources of greenhouse gas emissions on the territory? Where do they come from? Etc. ). On the other hand, it will be used to identify the sources of energy savings and renewable production. The plan of action will serve as the necessary tool for the municipality to reach the agreed goal.

How can a province help the municipalities to reach their goals?

First of all, the province needs to help them accomplish the most difficult task: the CO2 assessment. Indeed, it is not easy, especially for the smallest municipalities, to undertake a CO2 emission analysis focused not only on their heritage but also on their territory.
The province of Luxembourg decided to put Amélie Barbieux in charge of assisting the municipalities in realizing their assessment and, depending on the timeframe available, and in sketching the outlines of a plan of action for each individual municipality. Amélie will be trained to work with the tools provided by the Energy Administration and by the AWAC. A first contact with the latter is scheduled for early January.
Lastly, in order to facilitate the task of Mrs. Barbieux, a 20.000€ budget will be allocated to hire subcontractors. However at this stage, their role is not yet defined.

Were present at this meeting

• Thérèse Mathy: incoming provincial representative
• Stéphane Hartman: head of Administration for the province of Luxembourg
• Amélie Barbieux: project coordinator for the province of Luxembourg
• Jade Charouk: Innergies