Five villages of the MAS Mezilesí region have signed the CoM

Tomáše Peřina, the mayor of Chotěšice, is signing the CoM
Published by Tana Dutkevicova on 20/03/2013

Kněžice, Chotěšice, Záhornice, Chroustov and Sloveč signed the Covenant of Mayors and were officially registered on 7th March 2013.

These 5 villages create the first Czech region, which is going to work up a joint Sustainable Energy Action Plan (SEAP). It must be finished by 1 year since the CoM signature (March 2014).

Common energy and emissions benefits of micro-region will be calculated on an average for each village. The quintuple of municipalities plans a coherent system of measures and investments such as thermal insulation and installing of quality windows at schools and other municipal buildings, purchase of efficient lighting, streamlined operation of business premises, family houses or local transport. Just the energy balance of Kněžice will be the significant input since the village is self-sufficient in heat production and boldly surplus in electricity production thanks to the biogas power plant with cogeneration and biomass heating plant.

SEAP elaboration is a part of the "100% RES communities" project, which is supported by EU program Intelligent Energy Europe. The main target is involvement of small towns and villages or micro-regions in energy efficiency increasing and RES utilisation.

The Lower Austria energy clima-region Waldviertler Kernland is the very inspiring twinning partner (only 70 km from the south Czech border). Its 13 villages around Ottenschlag allready has join energy conception. The region energy self-sufficiency is 40 % now and should be 100 % in the close future. The district was economically weak recently, young people used to leave it. It was clear that the region must begin frontal draw on the regional, national and European subsidies and loans that will help to new projects. These projects should be logically interconnected by sophisticated concepts.

CoM signatories