TEPOS.be - The Belgian RURENER club

Published by Frédéric Praillet on 07/04/2015

The Belgian Rurener Club is called Territoire à Energie Positive- Belgique. It is an informal club that mainly gathers territorial coordinators that wish to set up a joint engagement dynamic with their LAs. 


The TEPOS club gathers 2 Territorial coordinators

  • The province of Luxembourg
  • IDETA - Wallonie Picarde

Other TC have manifested their interest in joining the Club :

  • BEP - Namur
  • TECTEO and SPI – Liège
  • Local Action Group: Pays Burdinale Mehaigne
  • Local Action Group: Pays des Condruses

The TEPOS National Club targets Territorial Coordinators and supports them in setting up joint SEAPs with their LAS. It encourages TCs to set and operate local TEPOS clubs.


The vision is to capitalize on the experience gained in the 100% RES project and give operation support to jointly engage, plan and realize 100% RES  vision.

The Club meets at least once a year. The first meeting was on 14th February 2014.

Although it mainly target TCs, the national Club is open to engaged LAs that wish to participate in the debates. Local TEPOS are mainly (and solely) oriented towards LAs. 


The objectives of the National TEPOS Club are :

  • To support local clubs in realising joint SEAPs along with their TC.
  • To lobby (behind the scene) for financial support for joint SEAP development
  • To exchange experience amongst TCs and engaged LAs.


The main activities are:

  • Exchanges of experiences
  • Issue of opinions and propositions
  • Methodological support to members
  • Communication, promotional and watch activities