CLER-VERTS : a company 100% engaged in territorial valorisation of biomass energy.

CLER-VERTS : a company 100% engaged in territorial valorisation of biomass energy.

Jean Luc Da Lozzo with the romanian delegation.Photo Bernard Lagarde@.

Published by Isabelle Meiffren on 03/07/2014

Located in Bélesta Lauragais, thirty miles east of Toulouse, in the heart of an agricultural area, the company CLER-VERTS hosted last May, a delegation of elected representatives and officials of the province of Bacau, eastern province of Romania.

Visiting the framework of the European "100 RES Communities" project, the delegation found the path of an independent company that has made the collection and biomass in all its forms - wood pruning, green waste , biowaste ... the axis of its development, and in this respect a fundamental principle of land 100% renewable energy: proximity.

Jean Luc Da Lozzo, co-manager of CLERTS VERTS, biomass is an asset that is no longer possible to squander, ie incinerate or bury in landfill.

The challenge? Restore broken links between towns that have more space for composting increasing amounts of organic waste and crop areas, for users of soil-improvers and fertilizers. This requires the creation of a mesh of collection units, processing and redistributing in proximity. And our platform intends to play this role of interface, and support "local recycling".

Not without a taste for innovation ! CLER VERTS  is the first multi-process platform for grinding of wood and green waste created in Midi-Pyrénées in a little more than 10 years. It delivers fuel wood and compost now certified for organic farming.

Closer to us, in 2010, CLER VERTS launched in advance of the French regulation, the collection of fermentable waste from colleges, restaurants, health care facilities and large areas under two brands, écoResto ® écoDistri ®. 2014 has just seen the establishment of Recypain, for the collection of unconsumed bread, firstly  in local bakeries.

 The "local recycling" in combination with the production of local  energy: is scheduled by the end of 2014, the installation of a photovoltaic roof on a  wood drying shed and to "close the loop" of the biomass, the construction of a biogas plant.

With a capacity of processing 11,000 tons, its first stone was officially laid in June 2014. Today composted on site, organic waste will tomorrow be collected and methanized, methanation becoming a top end variant of composting, …

Key figures: for the first 10 years, of the platform CLER-VERTS are :

  • 17 direct jobs and 5 indirect jobs created
  • 80,000 tons of wood collected and recycled in 10 years
  • 150,000 tonnes of green waste and bio-waste recycled as soil-improving fertilizer valued by local farmers.