Campaign on energy and the environment

Campaign on energy and the environment
Published by Liliana Topliceanu on 10.11.2014

The success of an Action Plan for Sustainable Energy involves not only a well-defined strategy, with clear and practical actions, but also the support of the whole community in order to achieve the goals.

In fact, the budget of an urban or rural community is the budget of that community, which must have a say on the way it is used. Of course, it happens in fact through the officials elected every four years. However, adopting a new strategy such as the sustainable energy strategy must get the approval of all the inhabitants.

            On the other hand, the adult population in the rural area is less informed concerning the environment, the climate changes and the renewable energy sources. Consequently, an awareness campaign concerning these issues should contribute to increasing the interest of the population and increasing the support given to the local authorities in order to achieve the SEAP.

            Furthermore, considering the openness of the young people and of the children towards innovation and given the way they can convey the information to the adults, we decided that part of the campaign should take place on school level in the communities that are involved in this plan.

            At the suggestion of the mayors, “VasileAlecsandri” University of Bacau, together with the local authorities, drew up an awareness campaign for the population as follows:

-          workshops with the inhabitants, giving out flyers including the necessary information;

-          presentations in front of the children, handing out leaflets, free demonstrations concerning the renewable energies and their current applications, ways of saving energy.

The necessary materials were prepared by representatives of “Vasile Alecsandri” University of Bacau.

Of course the great success of the campaign was in schools. The children reacted very well and very sincerely during the presentation and a lot of questions, naive or wiser, were put.

For their involvement and enthusiasm they were rewarded with certificates of participation in the campaign!