We have plans, how we will get the money?

We have plans, how we will get the money?
Published by Liliana Topliceanu on 23.10.2014

Reunite îngrupul Bacau County for CoM, cele 12 comunități au realizat împreună  Planul de Actiune pentru Energie Durabilă, document ce a fost trimis la Covenant of Mayors. Identificarea surselor financiare necesare realizării lui așa cum  a fost preconizat, până în 2020, a fost un proces care a implicat timp și care are un factor de incertitudine datorită schimbărilor ce pot interveni în politica economică a Uniunii Europene și cea a României.

Reunited in the gropu "Bacau County for CoM", the twelve communities have realized together the SEAP, document that has been sent to the Covenant of mayors. Identifying the financial sources for its implementation (until 2020, as foreseen) was a time consuming process, with uncertainty factors, due to the changes that can appear in the politics of EU and Romania.

The main funding source is the National Programme for Rural Development through which money can be accessed from EAFRD – the European Agricultural Fund for Rural Development. The National Programme for Rural Development 2007-2013 (NPRD), a document elaborated by the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development, presents the concrete ways in which the investments from the European funds for agriculture and rural development are funded. 

Through the National Strategic Plan 2007-2013, and subsequently through NPRD, four priority axes for obtaining funds through EAFRD have been established :

- Priority axis I – Increasing the competitiveness of the agricultural and forest sector – it aims at the restructuring and development of the agricultural and forest production, and of the manufacturing industries associated with them;

- Priority axis II – Improving the environment and the rural areas – it facilitates the improvement and maintaining of the environment quality of Romania’s rural areas by promoting sustainable management in both agricultural and forest areas;

- Priority axis III – Improving life quality in rural areas and diversifying rural economy – it aims to manage and facilitate the transition of the work force from the agricultural sector to other sectors which should provide an adequate living standard;

- Priority axis IV – LEADER – it concentrates on the implementation of local development strategies for the improvement of administrative governance at rural level.

The thermal insulation of public buildings and street lighting by means of photovoltaic panels are two actions that have been implemented with the help of the LEADER programme.

Rural communities can access other funds through project applications sent to the National Administration of the Environment Fund (NAEF) though which the development of sustainable energy sources exploitation has been supported. Thus, the Green House programme had components which were addressed both to public administration and to private persons. Also, NAEF supports information and awareness raising projects and will facilitate the obtaining of a project meant to support, in the following years, the continuation of the campaigns begun during the 100 RES communities project, together with Vasile Alecsandri University of Bacau.

The necessary co-funding for the development of these projects will be provided by local budgets, with the support of Bacau County Council.

For the more daring communities, there is the option of funding through European programmes recommended by the Covenant of Mayors, such as ELENA, CIVITAS and even Horizont 2020.

When you ardently wish for something, there is always a way of achieving it.