Frasnes-ez-anvaing goes for Positive Energie

Photo aérienne FLA
Published by Jade Charouk on 13.05.2014

2014 RES Belgian Champion Frasnes-lez-anvaing targets 100% Renewables.

For an energy mix less dependant on the outside

Currently, the municipality has mostly renewable electricty production units. After investing in solar panels, the municipality inaugurated in 2013 a wind parc that will cover the needs ot the entire population. Several citizens self-approriated the production tool by directly investing through a local cooperative  that owns one of the 3 wind turbines of the community.

 ‘Let's take what we have have under our hands' says deputy - bourgmestre Jean-Luc Crucke. ‘here it's wind! Renewable energy is sustainable and free, ulnlike petrol and gas that come frome abroad»

Go further ahead, aim for positive energy

'Because we need to turn the page and show the exemple...' say M. Crucke. and this is what the municipality has done by signing the belgian RES Championship charter; objective : aim for a 100% RES Consumption on territorial level.

We're getting ready

The realisation of a baseline inventory and a joint sustainable action plan is what is currently mobilising the community. Frasnes-lez-Anvaing relies on the solidarity between neighboring small towns and the support of its local town association, IDETA, official CoM coordinator to move collectively forward.

Here, we dont' wait to act 

While SEAPs are beeing drafted, support actions have already been set in place on territorial level, and activated on the ground: an energy counselar was hired, a school contest on renewables and a citizen mobilisation campaign were launched, an energy stand installed in the townhall, electric plugs set at strategical places, an energy buying group for citizens as well as financial aids for solar thermal panels and adapted communication tools.