Mouscron bets on its resources

Mouscron bets on its resources
Published by Jade Charouk on 20.09.2013

Mouscron (Belgium) bets on its European resource center to build capacities and mobilize resources that will lead them towards its ambition CO2 reduction target.

Combining energy and social objectives

The vision of Mouscron is to empower local development by focusing on energy and climate issues. Within that perspective, Mouscron engaged itself in the covenants of mayors in February 2012 to reach a 21% CO2 reduction by 2020.

By opting for a high energy/climate objective, Mouscron seeks to create economic and social added value that could concretely yield between 300 to 2000 € of increased buying power for half of their citizens.

Relying on ELEA, competence center

Mouscron relies on ELEA, its competence center - recognized as ‘best European resource center within 1000 km’ – to coordinate its sustainable energy action plan (SEAP), mobilize local actors/ citizens and focus national and regional resources on the city.
Mouscron has a very high energy saving potential, as most of its buildings are poorly insulated. Most of its efforts are focused on the renovation of public and tertiary building. However, investments in RES production, alternative mobility, public lighting are also envisaged.
Biomass cogeneration, large PV and solar thermal are the main RE technologies currently installed on the territory. Plans to set up a participative wind park, a heating network and a biomass plant are under way.

An investment in real economy

A total investment plan of 111 million euros is foreseen over 7 years. This large amount will not only come from the local authority, but also from citizens and local enterprises that account for around 2/3 of the entire investment. That is what in Mouscron, energy actions are made by and for the people.