The second study travel was perfect!

ertex-solar technik GmbH, Amstetten

ertex-solar technik GmbH, Amstetten

Published by Tana Dutkevicova on 10.07.2014

The second (and in fact last) project study travel of Czech participants and partners of the project “100% RES communities” led to the Austrian Leader-region in southern Waldviertel-Nibelungengau and to Amstetten.

The first day

Eighteen Czech participants (project partners, municipality representatives and their co-workers) moved out to Austria. They gained a lot of incentives from publicity materials, made notes during skilled guided tours and took so many pictures that they will draw from them for a long time. Now we just resume the sequence of installations that our group visited.

We started with a lecture on the future of wind energy in Austria, prepared for us in the information centre and the firm domicile of the W.E.B. WindenergieAG in Pfaffenschlag at Weidhofen.

Then we continued to the completely modernized country yard Landhotel Yspertal, which is also included into the local regional project "Climate Alliance". Perfectly prepared presentations of local small and large model climate region with a basic introduction of projects, which we were supposed to visit in next two days, ran over the evening.

The second day

The main day of the visit, we started with the tour around the College for Environment and Economy in Yspertal, the only one of its kind in the country and the winner of the Austrian award for the climate protection in 2013. The school director explained us the unique learning content guided us around the whole school area and showed us a photovoltaic installation and small hydro- and wind- power plants.

Then we looked through power plant in Ybbs / Persenbeug, the 4th biggest one on Danube in Austria with an output of 236 MW, which can supply with electricity half of households in Vienna.

In the nearby restaurant Böhm we saw central heating supply from biomass, including micro-network for neighbouring buildings, all "fed" with a fuel from energy crops Miscantus.

The following tour around the hydro power plant Wüster KG in Kemmelbach was a great experience. A local private person brought it in, along with a photovoltaic installation and a biomass cogeneration, on his own distribution network from which he supplies 3000 town inhabitants with a clean green energy!

Heat pump, photovoltaic installation and operated ventilation were the main energy components in modernized kindergarten in Krummnussbaum.

At the end of the day we managed to look over photovoltaic installations at municipality sewage treatment plant, a kindergarten, a primary school and a municipal house in Pöggstall.

A surprising variegation of the study travel energy program – visit of the castle Artstetten, where is buried Ferdinand d´Este – really delighted participants.

The third day

The last day our hosts presented us “the star” of the Austrian RES league – town Amstetten, the 2013 champion of the division of middle cities (20 to 100 thousands of inhabitants). Its successes in the field of the green energy are described in the brochure as well as in the article.

We could realize, during the final late lunch at a prestigious hotel Maria Schachner in Tafer (with the equally prestigious menu), when we had an impressive panoramic lookout through the glass wall into the landscape of the Danube valley: it is possible to achieve such a portfolio of valued installations and sustainable energy projects, which they have here, really only in case of broad regional (and funding!) cooperation of all active compounds (here of 33 municipalities!). 

Note: You can read more detailed info about the study travel in the Czech language.

Author: Karel Merhaut

Photo: Táňa Dutkevičová