First three Slovenian municipalities to make joint SEAP

First three Slovenian municipalities to make joint SEAP
Published by Suzana Vurunic on 16/09/2014

Municipalities Dol pri Ljubljani, Litija and Šmartno pri Litiji are the first three municipalities in Slovenia that have signed a co-operation agreement for participation in the project “100 % RES communities”.

The ceremonial signing of the agreement took place yesterday at the castle Bogenšperk. Agreement was signed by Primož Zupančič, the Mayor of Dol pri Ljubljani, Franci Rokavec, the Mayor of Litija, Milan Izlakar, the Mayor of Šmartno pri Ljubljani, Aleksandra Gradišek, the Director of the Development Centre of the Heart of Slovenia, and Gorazd Marinček, the president of Slovenski E-forum.

Primož Zupančič, Milan Izlakar, Franci Rokavec, Aleksandra Gradišek, Gorazd Marinček_podpis

The aim of the project is to elaborate Sustainable Energy Action Plans (SEAP) for all three municipalities participating in the project. At the same time they will all get a joint and balanced Sustainable Energy Action Plan, which will help them achieve a higher degree of energy self-sufficiency with the use of local renewable resources. That also means new jobs and circulation of money in the local economy.

The project “100 % RES communities” within the framework of Intelligent Energy Europe program is being implemented by Association for Energy Economics and Ecology Slovenski E-Forum together with its partner Development Centre of the Heart of Slovenia. The project financed by the European Union represents a novelty in Slovenia.