Mirna Valley towards signing CoM and preparing joint SEAP

Publié par Suzana Vurunic le 16/02/2014

In 2012 Slovenski E-forum held a meeting with mayors, energy managers and municipal heads of offices for the environment in which we invited them to sign Covenant of Mayors and upgrade their Local Energy Concepts to SEAP's. Our idea was also to do the same for other municipalities of Mirna valley (Mirna and Mokronog-Trebelno).

The project 100% RES communities was then only being prepared, but we already hinted them to work in the preparation of the joint SEAP. We presented them the basic idea of the project and offered them our full support in achieving their goals. Municipalities, especially Šentrupert, started working hard on achieving the goals. Slovenski E-forum provided counseling on the best ways to improve energy efficiency of these municipalities and help them achieve energy self-sufficiency. The second meeting was held on 14th February 2014 with mayors and energy managers where joint SEAP for Mirna valley was discussed. Mirna vally is a rounded geographical and economical entity and is thus great for extraction and use of local resources, most notably biomass. Municipality of Šentrupert has in its plans a construction of wood processing center where they would only use wood from the local forests. Šentrupert was at this time preparing their SEAP and we tried to convince them to sign CoM and officially submit this SEAP.