Heart of Slovenia – where ideas become reality

Heart of Slovenia – where ideas become reality
Publié par Suzana Vurunić le 02/04/2015

Development Centre of the Heart of Slovenia (DCHS) was established in 2000 by Litija Municipality for the implementation of entrepreneurship support on local level. Now it is positioned in Slovenia as qualified and desirable development partner, particularly in the field of rural tourism, self-sufficiency with food and (innovative) entrepreneurship development.

DCHS is working in the area in central Slovenia where it connects 10 municipalities on the sub-regional level: Litija, Šmartno pri Litiji, Ivančna Gorica, Šentrupert, Dol pri Ljubljani, Lukovica, Mengeš, Kamnik, Domžale and Trzin. 6 of them are members of the Development Partnership of the Centre of Slovenia which was established in 2006 with the purpose of increasing the regional development of this area.


DCHS is working in the fields of entrepreneurship, tourism and environment under a common brand The Heart of Slovenia which it developed in 2007 in cooperation with local stakeholders and external experts who shared a common vision and values for the area. The Heart of Slovenia strives to develop the area which provides people with high quality of life and opportunities to co-create and realize their full potential. The vision of The Heart of Slovenia is for the region to become a place of opportunity.

Main strengths of DCHS are rich experiences in european projects – so far they have participated in over 20 national and European projects within different programmes (Alpine Space, Central Europe, MED, South East Europe, Interreg IVC, Intelligent Energy Europe, Lifelong learning etc.) with over 160 partners from 27 European countries. Therefore DCHS has a great deal of experience of administrative and financial project management and project communication and dissemination.


DCHS is connecting residents, tourism providers, entrepreneurs, farmers, societies and institutions and follows the “bottom-up” approach. It brings financial resources to the Heart of Slovenia region, recruit, educate and consult, open new sales channels and create new marketing products and services.

Heart of Slovenia area is a place of opportunities. Opportunities for innovation, self-realization and quality living. A place where people, their creativity and knowledge, natural and cultural resources are the key foundations for development. A development which interconnects entrepreneurship, tourism and environment with respect to the principles of sustainability, social responsibility and quality of life.