How did we choose our actions in Slovenia

How did we choose our actions in Slovenia
Published by Suzana Vurunic on 04. 12. 2013

The communities taking part in this project were firstlyin the wider area of Novo mesto region. Then we included municipalities from region Heart of Slovenia and Mirna Valley (one municipality being part of Heart of Slovenia).

We started working with two actions which have been selected based on needs of the municipalities and also potential possibilities of obtaining needed funds. One failed soon after the start. The first became a great project for area of Mirna Valley. This CHP wood Šentrupert was planned to be mayor activity in SEAP of the municipality. SEAP was officially accepted by municipality councils in September 2014 so our work began before (technical workshops) and did not followed the planned time frame.

As for our second activity we selected biomass logistic centre Heart of Slovenia that will have a major role in area of Heart of Slovenia in the field of use of local renewables. This happened only at the end of the project because of delayed joint SEAP for this area. Feasibility study was made.

We had two technical workshops, one with Municipality of Šentrupert in September 2013 in Ljubljana and one on Conference Climate changes and adaptation on them as a business oportunity in September 2013 in Ljubljana.

CHP wood Šentrupert

A bankable project in Municipality Šentrupert was at the beginning in realisation in the first phase, i.e. implementing heating system with 500KW thermal power, and in year 2014 was planned to be upgraded with heat and electricity cogeneration, all systems fuelled with wooden chips from local woods. The project itself is upgraded with biogas heat and electric power plant and photovoltaic plant, considering energy balance need of the other two municipalities in the entity Mirna river valley.

Considering the changes of feed in tariff system in December 2013 the decision was made to abandon biogas plant and photovoltaic plant and to replace them with cogeneration heat and power plants on wood gas, produced from wooden chips.

It is an example of EE project, because of cogeneration of heat and power and an example of RES project because of wood as fuel being renewable. Its nature is hard project, because of investment in equipment.

Old water mills to hydropower plants

The second provided bankable project “Refurbishing old abandoned water mills into hydropower plants” was chosen because in time of preparation of the project this concept of transforming old mills into small hydroplants seen closest to actuall realization. In discussion with the municipality Novo mesto this idea was assessed as suitable for transfer of good practice – to be later on practiced on old mills on the river Krka and its tributaries in the region of Novo mesto.

There was edited an opinion of Institute for water of Slovenia with a demand for investment into special fish path, what would double value of the expected investment.


The project was “frozen” in waiting for water use concession from government, and because it was not realistic to expect any movements till the end of this project we together with head of Sub-regional development agency Srce Slovenije consider the possibility to elaborate another bankable project.

Biomass logistic center HEART OF SLOVENIA (BLC Heart of Slovenia)

It will be organized as a center, where wood fuels with guaranteed quality will be marketed. The most important role of biomass logistics center will be to ensure the supply of wood biomass from local sources are standardized and guaranteed quality at a reasonable price for boilers in the local environment. Surplus fuels (chips, logs, briquettes) are to be sold in the broader market. BLC will have all the infrastructure that will be needed for production as well as marketing of wood fuels (mainly wood chips and firewood, possibly the briquettes).

It is an example of RES project because of use of wooden biomass being collected in one place and a hard project – to provide adequate facilities and equipment.