SEAP LAG Mezilesí: a first hindsight

OÚ Chotěšice

The reconstructed council house in Chotěšice

Published by Tana Dutkevicova on 17. 12. 2014

However, the joint SEAP development is one of key deliverables of the "100% RES communities" project it has not finished with this step. At least some of suggested measures should be implemented within the project. A start of implementation was little bit affected by communal elections in Autumn 2014. Many municipalities had difficulties with their preparation and then with formation of new municipal councils. Only after new representatives got to know SEAP tasks came the time to do a first perfunctory recapitulation of already carried steps.

We did it during an operational technical meeting on 15th December 2014 to find out which SEAP steps have been complied.

(A detailed list of measures which have been already implemented in LAG Mezilesí (e.g. thermal insulations, windows or boilers replacement, public lightening) is purposeful for Czech readers only so we just want to stress following info.)

In addition to measures defined in the joint SEAP has Kněžice village started steps towards long time well-thought-out local electricity distribution network. It used excavation pit for other networks and laid down ca 100 m long cable for the future municipal system. Currently it prepares an application form for EU funds. This new project is planed in cooperation with the company Nano Energies which distributes electricity in the CR and redeems power from the local biogas plant with CHP. The future smart grid should be combined with solar installations. In cooperation of LAG Mezilesí villages has grown up an idea about a common installation for municipal waste processing by pyrolysis which could produce electricity as well as heat.

Resume: steps planned in joint SEAP are implemented but not fast enough and in amounts which would correspond to project trend. We just hope that new teams of councils will speed up their organisational and tendentious efforts.

Author: Karel Merhaut

Photo: Chotěšice